$10 Off Phone Tarot Card Readings

Bring light in your life with Andora’s Healing Light. For the month of February, we are really lighting things up with savings offers. Schedule a 30 minute phone tarot card reading in the month of February for only $20. Discounted rates also available on Listening and Distance Healing services.

Hello, I’m Andora

I am grateful that you are here on my website.

If your guidance says that I can help you on your life’s path, I will always do my best to maintain my spiritual health to make the strongest and best connection to your spirits and guides.

My Gifts Are:

  • Kundalini Reiki
  • Usui Reiki
  • Seraphim Blueprint
  • Angel Guidance
  • Psychic Readings
  • Channeling
  • Distance/Remote Healing
  • Oracle and Tarot Card Reading
  • Clearing Spaces of Negativity
  • Sound Healing
  • Chakra Cleansing and Balancing
  • Professional Listening
  • and more…

My story:
I was born in Baltimore, Maryland as the second of seven children. I was a stepchild and always felt different from my siblings. My natural father did not come and stay in my life until I was an adult. I grew to know how it felt to not belong, to feel unloved and unwanted.

My grandmother and my aunt took me under their wing and made sure I had everything I needed as a child. I started working for tips at age 5 in a beauty shop as a shampoo girl. When I was a child I worked at my aunt’s grocery store in Pennsylvania in the summers. My mother did her best, but unprepared for the larger world, I became a young mother. On the same day Martin Luther King was assassinated, I said my vows in a forced marriage. The walls of my life were closing in. Though the marriage did not last, I was left with two children and lots of hope for us.

I knew I could not stay in my hometown, so I decided to join the military to get out of the country and see more of the world. I was assigned to Germany as my duty station. I served as a chaplain’s assistant in the military and an assistant corporate bookkeeper. I also joined a rock band while I was in the military. It was a great move for me!

In the mid-90s, I learned my father was dying, so I returned to Baltimore. I knew somewhere, somehow there was a special place for me. I just needed to find it. I knew that I always loved to care for my relatives when I was child and decided to become a caregiver. I have always been a spiritual person. In 2011, I discovered energy healing and I knew I had found what I’d been seeking. It felt as if I was home! I did not know where it would lead, but I was glad to follow.

I knew that I would be alright if I just kept going in the direction that the Universe was showing me. I knew that I would find a life that fit me perfectly. Reiki became my passion. One modality led to another and another, and I joyfully keep going.

In my time, I’ve learned many important lessons. I find it’s best to remain open-minded and respectful. How people treat each other is what matters. There is more than one path and one way. It’s not that nothing will happen to you on this planet; it’s how you work through it. I have learned not to argue with people. I find that it’s good just to love people the way they are. I have no hate for any beings, but I do hate certain situations.

If you would like to know more about my life and what made me become a healer read my full bio.

I know that a lot of people say that they wouldn’t change anything, but if I could go back in time and change my life, I would change some things. Since I don’t have the technology to do that, I have to quote Maya Angelou:

“Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.”